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Environment and sustainabilityEnvironment and sustainability

Environment and sustainability


Responsibility for our environment means treating nature and people with respect.

Our actions are characterized by an economic–ecological balance. We really only consider new solutions to be future-oriented if they are resource-saving and environmentally friendly at the same time. With the help of the state of Saxony-Anhalt and the EFRE, LCP Leuna Carboxylation Plant GmbH has reduced the CO2 emissions in the solids processing and the precipitation plant. This was done by reducing the electrical energy requirement and the steam input by 60%, based on the original energy demand of the units mentioned. That is a total savings of 362 tonnes of CO2 per year. Another example of ecofriendly behavior is the conversion to energy-saving LED lighting.

LCP has opened up a whole range of opportunities for greener business. This includes, among others, a physical–chemical and biological wastewater treatment plant, which as a precaution reduces the pollution of our rivers. In order to relieve the burden on our roads and minimize the associated CO2-emissions, we handle a large part of our raw material deliveries via the rail network. In addition, we reduce the packaging materials as best we can or refrain as far as possible from packaging our products.

We always give priority to safety. For us, this means creating a framework for working safely. Our security concepts protect our employees, contractors, neighbors and our environment. LCP Leuna Carboxylation Plant GmbH works closely with universities and research institutes to develop new future-oriented ideas. We train our employees comprehensively to keep up to date with the latest knowledge in their respective field. Their thinking should be sustainable and future-oriented.

In addition, we train young people to become qualified specialists.