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Chemiestandort Infra LeunaChemiestandort Infra LeunaChemiestandort Infra Leuna

The Leuna Chemical Site


We are located in the middle of the chemical site of Leuna, which has existed since 1916. After an eventful history, an almost completely new chemical industrial complex was built here over the last 30 years on an area of 5 square miles.

Here we use the existing services—such as site-specific plant protection, a government-approved plant fire brigade, telecommunication systems, energy and steam supply and the central biological wastewater treatment plant. We can source many of our raw and auxiliary materials from companies that are also based at the chemical site.

The logistically excellent location of LCP Leuna Carboxylation Plant GmbH enables short delivery times for our customers—regardless of whether it is by ship, rail, highway or plane.

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