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  • Loosely stored in a bulk material silo
  • 10 kg PE-bag
  • 25 kg paper bag
  • Big Bags with customer-specified filling weights
  • Other customer-specified filling weights available upon request

Potassium Sulphate
technically pure potassium sulphate with excellent product properties (K2SO4 / CAS 7778-80-5 / E515)

Our technically high-purity potassium sulphate with a purity of >99.8% is produced by a chemical reaction.

It is distinguished by the following characteristics:

  • High purity: Our technically pure potassium sulphate is purified in a multi-stage process and meets the highest quality standards.
  • For your optimal further processing, our potassium sulphate is almost free of alkaline earth metals and chlorides as well as heavy metals.
  • Very good flow behavior: Potassium sulphate is a crystalline solid that has very good flow behavior. It is easy to transport, store and dose.

Potassium sulphate is a versatile raw material for the chemical and technical industries.

It is non-toxic, non-flammable, non-explosive and not dangerous to humans and animals. It is mainly used in the following applications:

  • Building materials industry: The technically pure potassium sulphate is used as an additive for concrete, mortar, gypsum and cement. It improves the strength and resistance to frost and chemical attack, the processability and adhesion of your products. Potassium sulphate is also used as an accelerator for hardening, as a retardant for hydration, as a colorant for the aesthetics of building materials.
  • Fertilizer industry: Our potassium sulphate >99.8% is also used in the production of specialty crops with high sulphur requirements.
  • Chemical and technical applications: Our potassium sulfate is also used to produce potassium persulfate, potassium alum, potash water glass, wire drawing agents, phlegmatizing agents, colourings and explosive substances.

If you have any special needs regarding the product and packaging, please contact us.