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Our main product

Potassium Sulfate > 99,8% technically pure

Molecular formula: K2SO4

CAS: 7778-80-5

EINECS: 231-915-5

Our potassium sulfate is distinguished by:

  • high purity
  • low levels of calcium, magnesium, sodium and other metals
  • chloride free
  • fine crystalline, free-flowing powder with good storability
  • excellent color number
  • low heavy metal content


raw material for potassium persulfate and other chemical and technical applications

biotechnological applications

building materials industry—stimulators for anhydrite screed, special plaster, gypsum plasterboards, fillers


  • loosely stored in a bulk material silo
  • 10 kg PE-bag
  • 25 kg paper bag
  • Big Bags with customer-specified filling weights
  • other customer-specified filling weights available upon request